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A successful live production is no mistake.  Attention to detail in preproduction, strong show preparation, and a dynamic team on site to execute the plan are crucial elements of success.

PTAV approaches each event with intense pre event planning services , artistic creativity and powerful state of the art technology.  Our goal is to provide a unique and exciting experience for every attendee at each event.

We are the option to in house franchises with excessive pricing, inconsistent quality and seemingly endless surcharges.  These companies are often preoccupied with concurrent events that prohibit their ability to focus on your work and your work alone.  Combined with their job being to increase fees for the venue, the result is often a disappointing and expensive experience.

Specialists at event management combining all aspects of live production, PTAV’s team serves as an advocate for your success and provides an excellent experience for smoothly running events.  We concentrate our efforts solely on you, keeping your event on track and in budget.

PTAV provides the event production skill and artistic creativity you need for a great meeting and exactly what you’d expect from a partner company invested in your success.

See how PTAV can help you today!

Presentation Technology LLC

Phone: 401-270-9115

E-Mail: info@ptav.com

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